Built on a foundation of authenticity and trust, KD Pet Boutique is an exquisite pet jewelry brand with a core mission to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them every time. As the pioneer of custom-made fine jewelry for pets, KD Pet Boutique features an unparalleled (and growing) collection of luxury pieces that your pet can adorn in and are renowned for their wholesome customer service that enables you to obtain the easy, safe, and hassle-free shopping experience you deserve.


Intertwining statement-making appeal with ultimate comfort, KD Pet Boutique is home to an intrinsic inventory of pet jewelry, all strategically crafted by the team of vetted jewelry makers to guarantee lasting quality. The brand itself was named after KD, a fashionable dog based in NYC who just so happened to love every moment of dressing up in her ice. Fast forward to today with KD’s influences, KD Pet Boutique has since developed into a respected, first-of-its-kind brand and one that has already left lasting impressions across the custom jewelry industry.


Overall, nothing makes the KD Pet Boutique team happier than helping your pet look and feel their best, all while ensuring you have the most positive and inclusive experience along the way. From custom pet jewelry, collars, and much more, they have a genuine passion for what they do and enjoy delivering unmatched pieces that inevitably provoke new levels of self-expression and invested attraction. This, along with their incomparable customer service dedication and dexterity, can give you the solidifying confidence that no matter what you choose, you will receive incredible value and concierge support that will make your entire shopping experience nothing but a memorable one.